About Jessica Carey

Jessica Carey is our Certified Laser Technician here at CNS Center of Arizona and Medical Aesthetics. She was born in West Palm Beach, Florida before moving to Arizona where she now calls home. When she was younger, she enjoyed visiting her family in Montreal, Canada during the Autumn seasons. After receiving her high school diploma in 2017, Jessica immediately studied full-time towards her future Esthetics career. She attended Penrose Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona, and graduated in 2018 with her Cosmetic Laser License and Laser Safety Officer License. After completing two rounds of Accutane and countless dermatologist visits, she was determined to help others who have struggled with skin-related issues. She is highly educated with the Laser services we provide here at CNS Center of Arizona and Medical Aesthetics. Jessica is extremely passionate about helping others reach their skin goals and looks forward to connecting with every client!